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„Wanda’s adventures with music” MP3 Download

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Imagine this little girl who wanders around an empty music school. But is it really empty? There is a story behind each door and music is the main character.

Our first (hopefully not the last!) recording is a music tale where we present 12 most loved pieces from our concerts wrapped in inspiring stories about composers, instruments, musicians and music itself. Performed by fantastic musicians and professional lectors. Playing time: 74 min.




Izabela Buchowska – wiolonczela, Magdalena Di Blasi – flet, Rafał Grząka – akordeon, Marek Gumiela – waltornia, , Anna Majcherczyk – skrzypce, Urszula Nowakowska-Żwirdowska – harfa, Alan Parsons – narracja, Olga Tsymbaluk – fortepian


Paulina Pokrywińska

Reżyseria dźwięku:

Justyna Popiel

Projekt graficzny:

Katarzyna Adamek-Chase

Realizacja nagrania:

Krakowska Pracownia Dźwięku, Studio Sound and Wave

  1. Wanda, Mum and Ladybird
  2. Badinerie from Orchestra Suite B minor no. 2, BWV 1067 - Johann Sebastian Bach
  3. Wanda and the Magic Tube
  4. Berceuse, op. 16 - Gabriel Fauré
  5. Wanda and the String Sisters I
  6. Gavotte from Huit Morceaux, op.39 - Reinhold Glière
  7. Wanda and the String Sisters II
  8. Berceuse from Huit Morceaux, op.39 - Reinhold Glière
  9. A Tour, America and a Concert Hall
  10. Le Rappel des Oiseaux from Suite in E minor for Harpsichord, RCT 2, Jean-Philippe Rameau
  11. You musn’t frighten children engrossed in a tune
  12. Morceau de Concert, Op.94: III. Allegro non troppo - Camille Saint-Saëns
  13. A Forest Harp and Dancing Elephants I
  14. Chanson dans la Nuit - Carlos Salzedo
  15. A Forest Harp and Dancing Elephants II
  16. Wanda and the Boasting French Horn
  17. Horn Concerto No. 3 in E-flat major, K. 447: III. Allegro - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  18. Wanda, Tango and Feelings I
  19. Ritual Fire Dance from the ballet „The bewitched love” - Manuel de Falla
  20. Wanda, Tango and Feelings II
  21. Passacaglia in G minor, Georg Friedrich Haendel /Johan Halvorsen
  22. Wanda, Tango and Feelings III
  23. Tango pour Claude - Richard Galliano
  24. Epilogue
  25. Tarantella Napoletana (trad.)
  26. Credits